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  2. All data plane (ie. IPv4/IPv6 traffic) daemons can print statistics to stdout,
  3. keep them in memory tables, store persistently to open-source RDBMS (MySQL,
  4. PostgreSQL, Sqlite 3) or to noSQL databates (ie. BerkeleyDB) and to flat-files,
  5. and publish to AMQP and Kafka brokers (typically to insert in ElasticSearch,
  6. InfluxDB and Cassandra and, in general, all backends which are not natively
  7. supported by pmacct). BGP, BMP and Streaming Telemetry daemons can publish
  8. control and infrastructure planes to AMQP and Kafka brokers.
  9. pmacctd libpcap-based accounting daemon: it captures packets from an
  10. interface it is bound to. Other than acting as a collector,
  11. this daemon can also export statistics via NetFlow, IPFIX and
  12. sFlow protocols.
  13. nfacctd NetFlow accounting daemon: it listens for NetFlow packets
  14. v1/v5/v7/v8/v9 and IPFIX on one or more interfaces (IPv4 and
  15. IPv6). Other than acting as a collector, this daemon can also
  16. replicate to 3rd party collectors.
  17. sfacctd sFlow accounting daemon; it listens for sFlow packets v2, v4
  18. and v5 on one or more interfaces (both IPv4 and IPv6). Other
  19. than acting as a collector, this daemon can also replicate to
  20. 3rd party collectors.
  21. uacctd Linux Netlink NFLOG accounting daemon; it captures packets by
  22. leveraging a NFLOG multicast group - and works only on Linux.
  23. Other than acting as a collector, this daemon can also export
  24. statistics via NetFlow, IPFIX and sFlow protocols.
  25. pmtelemetryd Standalone Streaming Telemetry collector daemon; listens for
  26. telemetry data binding to a TCP or UDP port and logs real-time
  27. and/or dumps at regular time-intervals to configured backends.
  28. pmbgpd Standalone BGP collector daemon; acts as a passive iBGP or
  29. eBGP neighbor and maintains per-peer RIBs; can log real-time
  30. and/or dump at regular time-intervals BGP data to configured
  31. backends.
  32. pmbmpd Standalone BMP collector daemon; can log real-time and/or dump
  33. at regular time-intervals BMP/BGP data to configured backends.
  34. pmacct commandline pmacct client; it allows to retrieve data from a
  35. memory table plugin; it can perform queries over data or do
  36. bulk data retrieval. Output is formatted, CSV or JSON format.
  37. suitable for data injection in 3rd party tools like RRDtool,
  38. Gnuplot or SNMP server among the others.