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Bernd Zeimetz c2d395373e Revert "Enable all compiler errors again" 11 months ago
local Load vmwgfx module before vmtoolsd starts. 1 year ago
manpages Remove the vmhgfs module and tools. 5 years ago
manpages-desktop Move vmware-user-suid-wrapper into desktop package. 6 years ago
patches Dropping patches that were picked from upstream 11 months ago
source Stay with .gz as compression. 3 years ago
changelog Updating changelog 11 months ago
clean Auto-update version in open-vm-tools-dkms.dkms 4 years ago
compat Drop dh_autoreconf, not needed anymore. 2 years ago
control Revert "Revert "Removing libdumbnet-dev."" 11 months ago
copyright Update copyright years. 1 year ago
desktop.conf Ensure vmwgfx module is loaded before start of vmtoolsd 1 year ago
gbp.conf Update gbp config header in debian/gbp.conf. 5 years ago
open-vm-tools-desktop.manpages Use manpages-desktop as source folder for -desktop. 6 years ago
open-vm-tools-desktop.postinst Ensure /run/vmblock-fuse is mounted properly. 3 years ago
open-vm-tools-desktop.prerm Add missing #DEBHELPER# statement. 5 years ago
open-vm-tools-desktop.tmpfile Fix installation of systemd services. 6 years ago
open-vm-tools.init Re-indent files properly. 3 years ago
open-vm-tools.lintian A new lintian override 1 year ago
open-vm-tools.manpages Imported Debian patch 2:9.2.2-893683-1 6 years ago
open-vm-tools.postinst udevadm trigger should not fail (Closes: #917642) 1 year ago
open-vm-tools.prerm Use systemd-detect-virt if available. 3 years ago
open-vm-tools.service Load vmwgfx module before vmtoolsd starts. 1 year ago
open-vm-tools.udev Drop duplicate udev rules. 3 years ago
open-vm-tools.vgauth.service Ensure VGAuthService starts after AppArmor 1 year ago
rules Revert "Enable all compiler errors again" 11 months ago
watch Updating watch file. 3 years ago