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  Bernd Zeimetz c2d395373e Revert "Enable all compiler errors again" 5 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 2d7e28eba3 Enable all compiler errors again 5 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 2553103fd2 Updating changelog 6 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 1c5e9ea6ca Dropping patches that were picked from upstream 6 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz bc14a8b28a snapshot changelog 6 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 19efc80609 Revert "Revert "Removing libdumbnet-dev."" 6 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz f78ed2d2f8 New upstream version 11.0.0 6 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 28ef8419ef New upstream version 11.0.0~0 7 months ago
  goldstar611 c1388710cc Ensure VGAuthService starts after AppArmor 6 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz f8ae4207e9 Updating changelog again. 7 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 31177fab96 Revert "Removing libdumbnet-dev." 7 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 570099ffd9 Updating changelog 7 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz ea4fa7fef5 Removing libdumbnet-dev. 7 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz ed11c19a88 A new lintian override 7 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 4296cf4f92 Fix permissions of udev rules file 7 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 9ac710e4f1 Remove autotools-dev dependency. 7 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz be4d889e9f Update copyright years. 7 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz bdfd8b501e Remove add_patch script 7 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz a6ed8ced98 Don't override dh_builddeb. 7 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz c8760c6aff Bumping Standards-Version to 4.4.0 7 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 0ce2ba2865 Policy 4.0.1: The extra priority has been deprecated 7 months ago
  Christian Ehrhardt 865763e13f Fix ftbfs with GCC-9 (Closes: #925794) 7 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 19c646a604 gcc9 compatibility 7 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 4710e2656d Updating changelog 7 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 4d3f25f201 Fix guest OS reporting for Debian/Buster 7 months ago
  Christian Ehrhardt d79cc9dcc1 d/control: fix postinst missing lsmod/modprobe 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 14bbb28cba re-add .travis.yml 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz beb324ffc7 Updating changelog 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 18de70fabf Removing backported patches, shipped in 10.3.10. 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 122e511b95 Update upstream source from tag 'upstream/10.3.10' 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz bc4df8f221 New upstream version 10.3.10 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz bf71fe515e Updating changelog 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz dc4e1cefe6 Load vmwgfx module before vmtoolsd starts. 1 year ago
  Jean-Baptiste Lallement 0f35aee402 Add modaliases to open-vm-tools-desktop 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz e1198113a6 Updating changelog 1 year ago
  Christian Ehrhardt 71b468f7f8 make vgauth service execution more reliable 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz bf508a401d Updating changelog 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 43ec618285 Correct and/or improve handling of certain quiesced snapshot failures 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 07185acdb8 Updating changelog. 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 54cce3ef82
Start vmtoolsd after apparmor.service 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 2fc3b34b91 Updating changelog 1 year ago
  Alf Gaida e13792d2b8 udevadm trigger should not fail (Closes: #917642) 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz b7ba7c4981 Updating changelog 1 year ago
  Christian Ehrhardt d3d470392e Start vgauth before vmtoolsd 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 5a4862bbae Updating changelog. 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz e4697c7880 Fix race condition between open-vm-tools and systemd-tmpfiles-setup. 1 year ago
  Christian Ehrhardt d56826ab2e Bump breaks and replaces to next version to be released 1 year ago
  Christian Ehrhardt 13d22e5497 Breaks and Replaces for moving vmware-user 1 year ago
  Christian Ehrhardt e6e0ab8f89 d/rules: fix dangling symlink of vmware-user 1 year ago
  Raphaël Hertzog db2a3642d4 Ensure vmwgfx module is loaded before start of vmtoolsd 1 year ago