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Jan Wagner 95a1ac9460 New changelog entry 2 months ago
check_ajp Revert "Fix check_ajp to handle non-responding tcp ports." 4 years ago
check_backuppc port check_{backuppc,nfsmounts,printer} to M::P 2 years ago
check_bgpstate Add check_bgpstate plugin 5 years ago
check_checksums simplify tests 2 years ago
check_clamav Fix watch line of check_clamav. 6 years ago
check_cups simplify tests 2 years ago
check_debsecan Adds new plugin: check-debsecan. 1 year ago
check_drbd check_drbd: Update Homepage and Watch header 4 years ago
check_email_delivery check_email_delivery does not need Nagios::Plugin 2 years ago
check_etc_hosts simplify tests 2 years ago
check_etc_resolv check_etc_resolv: add Recommends: bind9-host | knot-host 2 years ago
check_graphite Remove 'read LICENSE ...' from check_graphite/copyright 5 years ago
check_haproxy port check_cups and check_haproxy to Monitoring::Plugin 2 years ago
check_haproxy_stats Add check_haproxy_stats. 4 years ago
check_hp_bladechassis Add check_hp_bladechassis. 4 years ago
check_hpasm Update check_hpasm to 4.8 7 months ago
check_httpd_status check_httpd_status: Update to rev204 6 months ago
check_ipmi_sensor check_ipmi_sensor: Update to 3.13 3 months ago
check_libs check_libs: add test 2 years ago
check_libs_ng check_libs_ng: small performance improvement 1 year ago
check_libvirt adopt check_{httpd_status,libvirt,memory,smstools} for m::p 2 years ago
check_lm_sensors add alternative dep on libnagios-plugin-perl 2 years ago
check_memcached check_memcached: Install libmemcached-dev as build dependency on arm64 too (Closes: #798432) 3 years ago
check_memory adopt check_{httpd_status,libvirt,memory,smstools} for m::p 2 years ago
check_mongodb check_mongodb: Updating to latest version b33e763 3 months ago
check_multipath check_multipath: Update to latest version 0.4.7 2 years ago
check_mysql_health check_mysql_health: Update to 2.2.2 2 years ago
check_nfsmounts port check_{backuppc,nfsmounts,printer} to M::P 2 years ago
check_printer check_printer: Add missing hostname option into check command 2 years ago
check_raid check_raid: Update to 4.0.9 3 months ago
check_rbl check_rbl: Update to 1.4.4 2 months ago
check_redis check_redis/copyright: Updating FSF address 2 years ago
check_smstools adopt check_{httpd_status,libvirt,memory,smstools} for m::p 2 years ago
check_snmp_environment shorter check_snmp_environment desc 7 years ago
check_snmp_time check_snmp_time: Preventing to use first person in package description 5 years ago
check_ssl_cert check_ssl_cert: Update to 1.83.0 2 months ago
check_uptime check_uptime: add test 2 years ago
check_v46 fix check_v46 url - is in r/o mode these days 2 years ago
check_varnish check_varnish/control: Update to latest upstream commit, no code changes 3 months ago
check_webinject Update Version in check_webinject/control 5 years ago
check_whois check_whois: Updating to 1.24 10 months ago
check_zone_auth Add check_zone_auth plugin. 7 years ago
check_zone_rrsig_expiration check_zone_rrsig_expiration: Updateing to 1.14 3 years ago
debian New changelog entry 2 months ago
dsa dsa/checks/dsa-check-cert-expire-dir: Fix permissions 3 months ago
extras implement git clean support in extras/Makefile 3 years ago
percona-nagios-plugins percona-nagios-plugins: Update to 1.1.8 10 months ago
.gitignore Ignore .rej and .orig files. 7 years ago
.travis.yml travis-ci: Allow build failing on testing 7 months ago
Makefile Fix architecture detection in Makefile 2 years ago
README Link debian/README.source to README for github fancyness. 7 years ago Using TAB instead of white spaces 4 years ago