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  1. # This is not a real Debian control file
  2. # It's project metadata for the shipper tool
  3. Package: gpsd
  4. Description: A monitoring daemon for GPSes, AIS radios, and other nav sensors.
  5. gpsd is a userland daemon acting as a translator between GPS and
  6. AIS receivers and their clients. gpsd listens on port 2947 for clients
  7. requesting position/time/velocity information. The receivers are
  8. expected to generate position information in a well-known format -- as
  9. NMEA-0183 sentences, SiRF binary, Rockwell binary, Garmin binary
  10. format, or other vendor binary protocols. gpsd takes this
  11. information from the GPS and translates it into JSON objects in a uniform
  12. and well-documented format that easier for clients to understand. The
  13. distribution includes sample clients, application interface libraries,
  14. and test/profiling tools.
  15. XBS-Destinations: savannah, freecode, mailto:@ANNOUNCE@
  16. XBS-Web-Directory: www
  17. Homepage: @WEBSITE@
  18. XBS-IRC-Channel: @IRCCHAN@
  19. XBS-Project-Tag-List: Communications, Scientific/Engineering, Geographical
  20. XBS-VC-Tag-Template: %(version)s