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Mapconverter is an application used to create userland maps and map data for's Mapopolis program. The mapconverter format is essentially
waypoint data prepared in a format that the mapconverter application will

The steps for using GPSBabel and Mapconverter go something like this:

Step 1: Create a mapconverter file using gpsbabel.
./gpsbabel -i geo -f geocaching.loc -o mapconverter -F foo.txt

Step 2: Launch mapconverter.exe and choose foo.txt as your input file.
Click the begin button to have mapconverter process foo.txt.

If all goes successfully, you should have a file called "foo.pdb" ready
for syncing with your PDA. Put it wherever Mapopolis thinks it should be
on your PDA.


o GPSBabel will write the name of its own output file in the output file
it creates as the input for Mapconverter. Mapconverter will replace
the extension of this filename with ".pdb".

o The PocketPC version of Mapopolis doesn't notice files with the ".pdb"
extension. To make this work, change the extension to ".mlp" when
copying the mapconverter output to your PocketPC PDA.

o Mapconverter only works with Mapopolis version 3.x. Mapopolis version
4 will refuse to load mapconverter maps. There is no known work-around
for this at the time of this writing.

o Mapconverter is no longer available from the Mapopolis website. If you
need a copy of mapconverter, ask on your local GPS Software discussion
forum and I'm sure someone will have it. As far as I know, It was never
actually acknowledged/supported by Mapopolis to begin with.