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Bernd Zeimetz d62ef719c4 Add plusone plugin. преди 8 години
Bundle add JSON dep преди 8 години
IkiWiki Add plusone plugin. преди 8 години
cpan enhancesments for shared hosting преди 12 години
debian Bugfix for wikilink containing an email address not showing up in brokenlinks list. преди 8 години
doc emails in wikilinks are always email addresses преди 8 години
plugins Changed license of madduck's python plugins from GPL-2 to BSD-2-clause. преди 8 години
po releasing version 3.20110431 преди 8 години
t comments: add regression test for sorting by date преди 8 години
templates updated jquery and made it its own underlay преди 8 години
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underlays a few more jquery icons преди 8 години
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.gitignore extend the 'tag' test to cover auto-creation of tag pages преди 9 години
.perlcriticrc fix a common case typo преди 11 години
CHANGELOG * Work on firming up the plugin interface: преди 13 години Preserve mixed case in page creation links, and when creating a page whose title is mixed case, allow selecting between the mixed case and all lower-case names. преди 8 години
Makefile.PL don't install discussion pages for example sites преди 8 години
NEWS * Work on firming up the plugin interface: преди 13 години
README parameterize FIND and SED преди 9 години
auto-blog.setup auto-blog.setup: Don't enable opendiscussion by default; require users be logged in to post comments. преди 9 години
auto.setup fix case преди 10 години
docwiki.setup disable openid when building doc dir преди 10 години
gitremotes gitremotes: don't fetch the new remote until we've turned off tags преди 10 години improve usage message преди 8 години
ikiwiki-makerepo reorder vcs list преди 10 години
ikiwiki-mass-rebuild ikiwiki-mass-rebuild: Fix tty hijacking vulnerability by using su. (Once su's related bug #628843 is fixed.) Thanks, Ludwig Nussel. (CVE-2011-1408) преди 8 години Add preprocessed 'use lib' line to ikiwiki-transition and ikiwiki-calendar if necessary for unusual install. преди 10 години
ikiwiki-update-wikilist Fix ikiwiki-update-wikilist -r to actually work. преди 8 години
ikiwiki-w3m.cgi * Support a w3mmode, which lets w3m run ikiwiki using its local CGI преди 13 години Remove PATH overriding code in ikiwiki script that was present to make perl taint checking happy, but taint checking is disabled. преди 9 години
ikiwiki.spec releasing version 3.20110608 преди 8 години
mdwn2man sync mdwn2man changes from git-annex преди 9 години
pm_filter remove -T from, add back if NOTAINT=0 преди 11 години
wikilist Fix typo. преди 13 години


Use ./Makefile.PL to generate a Makefile, "make" will build the
documentation wiki and a man page, and "make install" will install ikiwiki.

All other documentation is in the ikiwiki documentation wiki, which is also
available online at <>

A few special variables you can set while using the Makefile.PL:

PROFILE=1 turns on profiling for the build of the doc wiki.
(Uses Devel::NYTProf)

NOTAINT=0 turns on the taint flag in the ikiwiki program. (Not recommended
unless your perl is less buggy than mine -- see

MAKE, FIND, and SED can be used to specify where you have the GNU
versions of those tools installed, if the normal make, find, and sed
are not GNU.

There are also other variables supported by MakeMaker, including PREFIX,
INSTALL_BASE, and DESTDIR. See ExtUtils::MakeMaker(3).

In particular, INSTALL_BASE is very useful if you want to install ikiwiki
to some other location, as it configures it to see the perl libraries
there. See `doc/tips/nearlyfreespeech.mdwn` for an example of using this to
install ikiwiki and its dependencies in a home directory.