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wikilist 578B

  1. # This file is used by ikiwiki-mass-rebuild script to rebuild the listed
  2. # wikis. Run this script when upgrading ikiwiki to an incompatible new
  3. # version that requires rebuilding everything.
  4. #
  5. # ikiwiki-mass-rebuild su's to the listed user and then runs ikiwiki -setup
  6. # on the specified ikiwiki setup file.
  7. #
  8. # It's also possible to let a user list setup files in ~user/.ikiwiki/wikilist
  9. # in their home directory. To do so, list only the user's name, without a
  10. # setup file. The format of ~/.ikiwiki/wikilist is the same as this file.
  11. #joey /home/joey/.ikiwiki/ikiwiki.setup