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Joey Hess 506d16a8a0 emails in wikilinks are always email addresses 9 years ago
banned_users sharing/inheriting banned users? 9 years ago
basewiki turn powered by ikiwiki link into link to the local documentation 11 years ago
bugs emails in wikilinks are always email addresses 9 years ago
cgi web commit by 12 years ago
contact web commit by 12 years ago
css response 11 years ago
css_market feedlink/blogpost templates: use class instead of id 9 years ago
examples response 9 years ago
forum removed 9 years ago
freesoftware response 11 years ago
ikiwiki response 9 years ago
ikiwiki-makerepo 10 years ago
ikiwiki-mass-rebuild web commit by sorry it was just there for me to read... 13 years ago
ikiwikiusers add info about webhost for ikiwiki 10 years ago
index split out the toplevel discussion page into individual forum posts 10 years ago
install in git now 9 years ago
logo add a separate svg for the favico to allow generation of a 16x16 one, so 13 years ago
news add news item for ikiwiki 3.20110608 9 years ago
patch Tag patches with the plugin to which they apply, or core 11 years ago
plugins remove misplaced usepage and wrong workaround for it 9 years ago
post-commit update a few cvs things 11 years ago
quotes releasing version 3.20091113 11 years ago
rcs further cleanup 9 years ago
roadmap add list of compatability breaking changes 10 years ago
sandbox removed 9 years ago
security copying an intersting bit from an email I'm writing 12 years ago
setup 9 years ago
shortcuts spelling 10 years ago
smileys fix to have transparent background 10 years ago
soc Revert spam 11 years ago
tags Migrate escaped directives (\[[) in the rest of doc to have \[[! prefix 12 years ago
templates 9 years ago
themes 9 years ago
tips discussion became unnecessary, and fix formatting 9 years ago
todo what? 9 years ago
translation update 11 years ago
usage web commit by JeremyReed: Need to add to man page? 12 years ago
users 9 years ago
w3mmode remove ikiwiki.setup 12 years ago
wikiicons better revert icon 10 years ago
GPL move 14 years ago
TourBusStop.mdwn revert spam 10 years ago
anchor.mdwn move anchor page out of ikiwiki subdir 11 years ago
backlinks.mdwn web commit by joey 14 years ago
banned_users.mdwn Expand banned_users; it can now include PageSpecs, which allows banning by IP address. 11 years ago
basewiki.mdwn add note about the basewiki being self contained 11 years ago
blog.mdwn Revert spam 10 years ago
branches.mdwn document the setup branch 9 years ago
bugs.mdwn add a pagecount to see how many open bugs there are 9 years ago
cgi.mdwn added configuration for recentchanges 12 years ago
commit-internals.mdwn add commit-internals 14 years ago
competition.mdwn add page listing some alternatives to ikiwiki 11 years ago
consultants.mdwn add consultant list, add news item 12 years ago
contact.mdwn typo 11 years ago
convert.mdwn pull together info on converting to ikiwiki from other systems 12 years ago
css.mdwn linkage to themes 9 years ago
css_market.mdwn added a tripple of links 9 years ago
download.mdwn To be consistent with the prev.edit: added the same link also on the more specialized "Download" page 9 years ago
examples.mdwn add link to css market 12 years ago
favicon.ico add a separate svg for the favico to allow generation of a 16x16 one, so 13 years ago
features.mdwn linkage to themes 9 years ago
forum.mdwn Despam 10 years ago
freesoftware.mdwn template docu reorg 10 years ago
git.mdwn partly fixed and partly a ikiwiki-hosting bug, add pointer 9 years ago
ikiwiki-calendar.mdwn template docu reorg 10 years ago
ikiwiki-makerepo.mdwn Code formatting. 10 years ago
ikiwiki-mass-rebuild.mdwn 404 automatically loads goto 9 years ago
ikiwiki-transition.mdwn ikiwiki-transition: deduplinks was broken and threw away all metadata stored by plugins in the index. Fix this bug. 11 years ago
ikiwiki-update-wikilist.mdwn ikiwiki-update-wikilist: Add -r switch to remove. Default behavior is now always to add. 12 years ago
ikiwiki.mdwn add link to templates page 10 years ago
ikiwikiusers.mdwn add gregoa's "p.r." blog 9 years ago
index.mdwn Yes, we can, but please don't use /index for random tests. 9 years ago
install.mdwn perl Makefile.PL LIB=/Library/Perl/5.10.0 #this worked for me(Mac OS X) 10 years ago
local.css * Make the basewiki be full of symlinks to pages that should be the same 13 years ago
logo.mdwn correct the command line used to generate the favicon 12 years ago
news.mdwn Migrate everything else via prefix_directives 12 years ago
pagehistory.mdwn remove linkspam from 9 years ago
patch.mdwn link to branches 9 years ago
peteg.mdwn 10 years ago
plugins.mdwn avoid showing subpages of contrib plugins 10 years ago
post-commit.mdwn Word-wrap post-commit page 12 years ago
quotes.mdwn add 11 years ago
rcs.mdwn document fix I'm about to merge 9 years ago
recentchanges.mdwn Revert spam 9 years ago
reviewed.mdwn tag 9 years ago
roadmap.mdwn yaml setup files 10 years ago
robots.txt add a robots.txt 12 years ago
sandbox.mdwn 9 years ago
security.mdwn ikiwiki-mass-rebuild: Fix tty hijacking vulnerability by using su. (Once su's related bug #628843 is fixed.) Thanks, Ludwig Nussel. (CVE-2011-1408) 9 years ago
setup.mdwn I don't agree with putting a non-basic tool (aptitude) instead of the basic one in front of the docs: the basic tool is the pure useful relevant information for the reader. Still, the added link to Debian docs will be a compromise with those who want to mention aptitude. 9 years ago
shortcuts.mdwn newer hackage url 9 years ago
sitemap.mdwn remove individual forum posts from sitemap 9 years ago
smileys.mdwn add smiley to work around markdown 12 years ago
soc.mdwn Migrate everything else via prefix_directives 12 years ago
style.css move images around 9 years ago
tags.mdwn move inline docs to ikiwiki/directive/inline 12 years ago
templates.mdwn Revert change adding a huge, unformatted, unmaintainable, and basically 9 years ago
themes.mdwn goldtype: New theme, based on blueview, contributed by Lars Wirzenius. 9 years ago
tipjar.mdwn add flattr button 10 years ago
tips.mdwn Migrate everything else via prefix_directives 12 years ago
todo.mdwn Migrate everything else via prefix_directives 12 years ago
translation.mdwn fix link 11 years ago
usage.mdwn ikiwiki manual: fix a little spelling mistake 9 years ago
users.mdwn Migrate everything else via prefix_directives 12 years ago
w3mmode.mdwn minor: Added an external link to the used tool. 10 years ago
whyikiwiki.mdwn on kiwis.. 13 years ago
wishlist.mdwn Migrate everything else via prefix_directives 12 years ago